Len Jenshel

American, b. 1949

Narsaq Sound, Greenland, 2001
26 x 30 in. (66 x 76 cm)

Len Jenshel began his career in 1974 and helped color photography gain acceptance as a fine-art medium. In Narsaq Sound, Greenland, the artist vividly captures the fantastic structure and deeply saturated colors of an iceberg. Focusing on the luminous blending of water, ice, and sky, he magnifies the Arctic’s extraordinary atmospheric effects.

Jenshel, along with his wife and fellow photographer, Diane Cook, has been photographing the Arctic Circle for more than twenty years. He says, ” We returned many times to the polar regions to work amongst the ice. . . Sadly, over the years, each successive trip has revealed an accelerated rate of melting. For us, this project is a meditation on beauty and impermanence, in the age of global warming.”