David Buckland


David Buckland
British, b. 1949

Art from a Changing Arctic, 2006
DVD, 60 minutes
Courtesy of the artist and Snag Films

In 2003, David Buckland initiated a series of contemporary expeditions inspired by 19th-century artist-explorers. These voyages, known as the Cape Farewell project, host teams of artists and scientists in the Arctic and other regions affected by climate change. The project draws support from a wide range of private and public entities.

The organization, based in the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London, aims to catalyze a global conversation about climate change through exploration, research, and art making. It reflects Buckland’s philosophy that the scale of environmental problems cannot be comprehended only in scientific terms. He believes that art offers a more accessible, personal, and visceral means for inspiring people.

In the first Cape Farewell project, 16 artists traveled to Spitsbergen along with teachers, writers, and oceanographers. Their work and experiences are featured in this film. Since the maiden voyage, 77 artists have participated in 9 other expeditions.