Camille Seaman

Shinnecock tribe, b. 1969

Grand Pinnacle Iceberg, East Greenland, from the Last Iceberg, 2006
Archival inkjet print

The icebergs are potentially and literally our very ancestors. They’re sweat turned into a cloud that fell as snow to finally become ice.

—Camille Seaman

The Last Iceberg, a series of photographs taken by Camille Seaman over a period of eight years, documents her numerous expeditions to Svalbard, Greenland, and Antarctica. The artist travels aboard ecotourism ships, working alongside geologists, marine biologists, and climatologists.

In Grand Pinnacle Iceberg, Seaman highlights both the beauty and vulnerability of ice by focusing on an isolated, dissolving berg. Guided by the belief that everything contains a life force, the artist conceives her icebergs “as portraits of individuals, much like family photos of ancestors.”